The impact customer satisfaction has on a company’s brand can make or break them. In an age where the culture of brand loyalty is thriving, brands need to not only meet but surpass customer expectations in order to be competitive,

Inserting satisfaction into your customer service

“76% of consumers look at customer service as a test of their value to a brand.”
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Millennials, who are quickly becoming the most desirable market for brands, say their customer service expectations have increased since 2012 and 56% say they've switched brands within the past year because of poor customer service.

But how do you go about improving your customer service I hear you ask?

Collect Customer Survey

1. Collect customer feedback

The single best way to understand what your customer want/ expect out of your customer service is to simply listen to them. Make the process for your customers non-intrusive, quick and simple and choose your timing wisely along the customer journey. if you want to measure the effectiveness of a particular part of the customer journey it’s best to do this soon after the service is delivered rather than waiting until the end of the customer journey.

2. Put that feedback into action

Now with your surveys in place, you could gain access to a huge data set of both quantitative and qualitative data telling you the “what and why” of customer opinions on your brand. For example, if you’re receiving a lot of comments about the lack of follow-up after a sale then you know the areas you need to address and can go about implementing relevant solutions.

3. Keep an eye on your socials

No matter how skilfully timed or unintrusive the design, companies can typically expect survey response rates to be between 5%-30% and more often than not this will be at the lower end of the scale.

A simple solution to keeping tabs on customer satisfaction can be found on social networking sites. The majority of people use their mobile phones up to 150 times per day, making social media an almost default choice when people want to leave a complaint or compliment.


Go out of your way to create memorable customer experiences

Today’s buyers havemore power over sellers. The sheer plethora of choice today’s customers have when deciding on a purchase partnered with easily accessible customer reviews, mean they know what to expect from a good deal and you have to cater to that.

This landscape has forced businesses to fiercely compete with one another by offering more than just a product or service, customers need to walk away having some kind of memorable experience. This helps create a psychological bond with your brand which reinforces you as their go-to option.

Example – Casper omnichannel customer service

It’s easy to think that to elevate your customer experience you need to go out and create some kind of experiential marketing spectacle.


However, companies like Casper (a deliver to your door mattress company) shows us that by understanding your customer base you can implement some pretty elegant solutions to help cater to them.

What Casper did was create a free chatbot just for insomniacs. By simply texting “Insomnobot3000” from their mobile phones, customers could talk to the chatbot about whatever is on their mind and have a real conversation. This is definitely above and beyond customer expectation.

On top of this unique and helpful service, the chatbot was able to collect mobile numbers to send promotional offers and discounts. Casper reported on pulling in $100 million in sales in just the first year of the chatbot’s launch.


By implementing more memorable and personalised customer experiences in your customer service benefit your brand by:

  • Gaining a competitive advantage
  • Builds customer loyalty quickly
  • Increases the chances of creating brand advocates

By offering your customers something more you help associate positive interactions with your brand and what you offer. The more positive experiences you can help create within your touchpoints the more likely customers will sing your praises and become brand advocates

Every business relays a certain message, tone/ voice, and expectation to the consumers. Whether you’re aware of it or not you promise a certain experience, directly or indirectly about what your customers can expect from your brand

If you’d like to read more about how to offer your customers the best customer experience possible then try “CRM for financial services: Strategies to enhance the client experience.”

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