There are some people out there that think the death of business cards is just around the corner and has been for some years now. They argue with the rise in popularity of business networking sites like LinkedIn, business cards have become obsolete.

Remaining as one of the last analogue pieces of tech trying to survive in a digital world. But how can a business card scanner to CRM help?

“Business cards aren't a thing of the past, but saving them is.”
Dan Golden, President and CO-Founder of BFO

An early grave?

The requirement for sharing of information hasn’t changed but the method of collection has. With the permeation of smartphones into our lives, getting a client’s contact details has never been more convenient. A Data Capture app like ours is compatible with Apple and Android mobile devices.


However, the purpose of business cards has shifted. They now act as an extension of our brand, a tangible representation of us as an individual and the business we represent. Travelling easterly towards our Asian counterparts this is hugely apparent.

Foreign Relations

Business cards in a number of countries symbolise basic etiquette. An importance is placed on them that must be met with respect for any relationship to be established. In China and Japan business cards must be studied and commented on when first presented and only accepted with both hands. Failure to do so is interpreted as disrespect and will stagger any further partnerships with this contact in the future. Business cards are a must for overseas business to be practised

Smart allocation

With live events being the most influential forms of marketing as we found out in on of our previous posts about How to get your event marketing budget right in 2019 “93% consumers claimed that live events had a larger influence on them than TV ads.”

With this being the case, you need your sales team focussing as much time on the customers they’re meeting as possible. A business card scanner to CRM system allows you to quickly capture contact info which can be utilised later for push and pull integrations. Saving you time both in the moment and later on for future event scenarios.

Event Resize

Only collect high-quality actionable data

With this data being transferred to your CRM in under 60 seconds you can ensure quicker follow up emails to secure that satisfying sale. There’s no chance for you to lose any data, getting that information in a digital format straight away leaves no opportunity for it to be dropped or lost after a long day of face to face interactions.

60 Sec

The Gather capture app is more than just a business card scanner and does more than other business card scanners to CRM systems out on the market. We provide clients with guaranteed enterprise-level security, making all data captured GDPR compliant.

Business Card Scan

We promise 99% accuracy through our OCR technology that gives you access to transcribed data in under 60 seconds. Packaged in an app available on ios and android there’s no need to spend on new hardware or train employees how to use it. It’s as simple as taking a picture.

Don’t rely on WiFi with event season coming up and plenty of outdoor exhibitions occurring you can’t be guaranteed an internet connection so we don’t depend on you having one. Capture data with peace of mind as all data is ensured to be captured and stored for later transfer to CRM.

“Gather has allowed us to improve our event sales process, improve the quality of our lead conversion and provide the sales insight we need at a dealer level.”
Dale Roscoe, Global CRM Manager, Bentley Motors Ltd.

Read the case study for Bentley Motors here

In the run-up to event season see what a business card scanner could do for your sales process.

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