There have been many concerns in the run-up to Brexit as to just how it will impact the care industry. With the UK’s departure from the EU finalised there has been increased pressure for the government to put in place measures that will continue to allow EU nationals to work as paid care staff.

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A devastating increase in vacancies

Right now, there are over 110,000 vacancies in adult social care in England alone and this number is expected to rise, without the interference of Brexit. EU nationals before Brexit accounted for around 104,000 care workers across the UK, most situated in London and the southern areas.

“People born abroad make up 19% of all workers in the health and social care workforce in 2018/19."

These stats show that if no government intervention is taken to ensure EU nationals are still granted the right to work here the number of vacancies in adult social care can almost double. With the need for care workers rising every year, (the health and social care workforce grew by 446,000 between 2009/10 and 2018/19,) and 221,000 of these workers were born overseas, accounting for 50% of the rise, immediate action taken by our government is needed.

Without EU workers being allowed to travel and work here in 2021 we are leaving our care industry and the people dependant on that care wide open to a number of factors that could potentially lead to a spike in geriatric infection outbreaks and death.

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The UK care sector is not strong enough on its own

I recently wrote a blog referring to what is known as the ‘ageing population phenomenon’ which lays out that “in 50 years there are likely to be an additional 8.6 million people aged 65 years and over, a population roughly the size of London.” and this isn’t just contained within the UK, it’s a global phenomenon that all countries are going to have to deal with.

With this knowledge, we know that our care industry is going to need some major resources and staff injected into it in the coming years. The UK care sector relies heavily on help from our neighbouring countries and their indispensable citizens who travel here to work and contribute to the care of our older population.

If you’d like to read up more on our takes on the care industry and what they can do to source help then please don’t hesitate to take a look here.

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