What a great way to round off the year with a visit to ’Big Data London’. Getting a chance to see the latest trends in data analytics, management, modellingand AI in preparation for 2020 was really refreshing.

Being a data-driven business we strive to be at the forefront of our industry and to consistently improve our processes handling the data we’re given in the best way possible.

So, getting a chance to meet some of the 130 “leading big data analytics” vendors and service providers from around the world at one event was an exciting prospect.

Orange Cloudera

AI Data Modelling & Changing landscapes

With the data landscape constantly changing and evolving it can often be difficult to navigate alone. Attending this week’s Big Data London allowed us to demist the window a little into the future of data analytics.

An emphasis on working to the best standards possible with the data you already have seemed to come up a lot.Speakers looked at extracting the value from your data sets and uncovering relevant insights about your customers, that in turn redesigns the user experience.

With us heading into 2020 the buzz around AI data model creation was apparent. As the goals of business and technology continue to converge, automated processes will lend more control to data modellers.

AI data modelling integrations are more common than ever and will only speed up and spread across industries as AI improves the more it works with available data. Improving algorithms and creating new more effective data models to work with. Meaning next year we will start to see spectacularly quick AI creating new data models for businesses to work within.

Big Data Floor

The headline keynote speaker seemed to dictate the tone of the event also. With Chris Wylie “The millennials first great whistle-blower” speaking on his revelations exposing Cambridge Analytica. Chris brought to light the real challenge with big data in 2020, keeping sets safe and ensuring their use is ethical and legal.

A number of other talks were still focussed on data security and the state of GDPR, as some organisations still grapple with the dos and don’ts.

  • GDPR:18 months on (panel debate)
  • A GDPR retrospective: Implementation by large-scale data organisation in reality – A case study of one business journey to compliance.
  • GDPR: a sword not a shield – How to shift GDPR from being a drain on resources to enhancing your business through competitor insights.

These were just some of the talks going on over the 2-day event. Not to dismiss the other topics that proved very interesting such as; Building modern architecture for the data-driven enterprise.

However, it’s clear that GDPR and the security of customer data is still very much part of the zeitgeist and will continue to influence the new year’s discourse.


Exhibiting trends

With our numerous visits to events this past year we’ve picked up on a lot of trends from exhibitors and attendees alike. Pens, stickers, swag bags and sweets they’re all staples of pretty much any event you go to, and where does it all end up? Well, typically the bin.


A big shift we saw on a number of stands was the inclusion of environmentally friendly swag and/ or charitable acts which really stood out and left an impression with us.

Charity Big Data

One stand explained how they were donating £2 pounds for every scan of a visitors badge they got to a chosen charity. By the time we had arrived they had already amassed a sum of £1800 that they were going to donate.

A very practical way to draw people into your stand and it definitely stuck out as one of the ones we remembered the most. Along with this a number of stands were boasting how eco-friendly they were in one way or another.

But one company had gone to the effort of having their whole stand made out of recycled materials, which made it look rather trendy and rustic in amongst a sea of very industry dictated cubicles.

Eco Big Data

An insightful end to the year

Leaving this year’s Big Data London left us optimistic and a level of excitement ready for 2020. With a new year ahead of us to offer new products, technologies and trends we can’t wait to see what’s in store.

If you’d like to read up on our other visits to events this year then take a look at our blogs and or follow us over on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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