Event lead management is the strategy for capturing, processing, distributing and nurturing leads from trade shows and events. It is a crucial piece of the puzzle that directly determines your event ROI.

The majority (84%) of leadership believe in-person events are a critical component of their company’s success.
Bizabo, 2019 marketing report

To pull off a successful event you have to offer a memorable experience by exceeding your audiences' expectations.

To do this you must first know your audience. How should your event lead management approach differ for B2B and B2C events?

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B2B event lead management strategies

B2B events are a place for you to introduce your business to other companies and establish relationships. This means you can expect a slower and more in-depth sales cycle as you need to demonstrate why your business is the right choice, not only in terms of product, but service and culture.

When it comes to event lead management within B2B you want to follow-up with leads as quickly as possible after an event. By outreaching with the conversation still fresh in a lead’s mind you increase your chances of success. Even more so if your post-event follow up is personalised to show potential customers you understand their needs.

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Be the first to follow-up

Being the first exhibitor to follow-up and get in touch builds on the initial momentum of the event and shows your company runs efficiently. To be able to execute this quick follow up your event data capture and management needs to integrate seamlessly with your CRM and be accessible to sales and marketing teams.

With a business card scanner you can capture, process and distribute lead information in under 60 seconds using mobile and tablet devices your event staff will be familiar with.

35-50% of sales go to the vendors that outreach first.
Invesp, The Importance of Sale Follow Ups – Statistics and Trends
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Know and show what your leads want to see

It's important to understand that your leads are going to be approaching you with all manner of problems and areas they want addressing when coming to your stand. You need the ability for leads to inform you of their interests in your data capture process.

This can be achieved through a number of features such as; drop-down fields, multiple-choice or event free text space. As long as this information can be properly stored and labelled in your CRM so it is actionable.

80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences.

By being able to capture this information and having it in your CRM you can personalise any outreach material to have these ‘areas of interest’ embedded within them. This adds so much more to the lead’s experience than just seeing their name in a piece of marketing, it shows you listened and understood their specific needs.

We helped one of our client's capture and send personalised follow-up emails

to over 430 leads during one event giving them a huge leg up over their competition.

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B2C event lead management strategies

When it comes to B2C building a strong and unique brand matters. At events generating brand awareness and engagement can matter more than direct sales. Depending on your average order value and how high involvement your purchase is, the typical sales cycle is faster than B2B. Engaging customers using things like product demonstrations, handouts and competitions to pique consumer’s interests can bring them to you and create footfall to your stand.

Keep things fun and focus on the experience as opposed to solely focusing on the knowledge and solution your product can offer.

It is worth mentioning with all event strategies this year, with events already underway and looking to grow later this year, COVID-19 is still a consideration for exhibitors and attendees alike.


Attracting customers with free offers

Competition incentives are a huge draw for people. The prospect that they might win something for “free”. Actual Tech Media saw rates increase by over 60% after introducing prize offers in their sign-up processes.

Incentives in general are a great way to bring people to you at events. Just going from first-hand experience any stand offering something personalised and for free will create better engagement. We’ve found some great free personalised offerings at shows we’ve attended from free tote bags with a personalised image on or your face 3D scanned and moulded into a chocolate lollipop (yes that’s a real thing and yes, of course, I did it).

People love the idea of getting something for “free” and I put free in quotations as consumers, for the most part, are still willing to give away data and see it as a net positive transaction. The value of accurate data is huge and well worth financially investing in.

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The power of new

A great way to generate buzz at events is to incorporate some form of interactivity within your lead capture. With the technology of both hardware and software being much more powerful than what it used to be so too are the possibilities to create memorable experiences.

There are companies out there, like Onirix, who offer exhibitors a service in which to organise digital treasure hunts around an event space through augmented reality on a consumer’s phone.

These digital experiences are going to be something I’m sure we see more of in the near future for sure. In a post-pandemic world, it’s the job of everyone to help create safer spaces for people. Utilising technology like kiosk data capture can reduce the amount of face-to-face interaction between exhibitors and attendees, meaning the people who really want that F2F interaction are more likely to get it.

Games and interactive videos on kiosks are also a great way to capture lead information. By offering up alternatives to starting a conversation with event staff you open the doors to your event stand that much wider, all whilst giving visitors a genuine experience that they can share on social for some added promotion.

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Planning an event in 2021?

It truly is an exciting time for exhibitors, we have so much to look forward to at the end of Summer. Whether you're exhibiting at a B2B or B2C event we wish you the very best of success. See how a data capture could improve your event lead management and event ROI and get in touch about a free trial for our data capture software.

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