With the new year fast approaching, it’s never too late to start thinking about your event processes for exhibition season. This year we’ve made a huge effort to go out into the field and let you know what industries are doing right and wrong in terms of event data capture.

We’ve covered events from the cybersecurity sector to fashion all the way to big data and the beer industry.

We found some commonalities in the way companies within these sectors were treating data capture. And the tag line of the year… Data capture, the afterthought.

Demand more from data capture

We found most companies were simply settling for the event supplied data capture system. Whether as a bid to try and save some money or just not knowing there are other smarter options out there.

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Sourcing your own data capture solutions open up the possibilities of what can be achieved at your events. One such option is the kiosk data capture, which stands on its own, using a tablet and stand, with integrated software that allows your visitors to take it upon themselves to interact.

1. Free up event staff

A lot of resources go into planning your event and training your staff. However, this can often go to waste with the volume of attendees they’re going to be dealing with.

What a kiosk form does is enable your events sales staff to focus on the visitors that really want to interact with your brand and understand what you do. Kiosk forms offer more touchpoints for visitors to interact with, especially the ones who are inclined to avoid human interaction, whilst getting some more information about your brand.

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Allowing you to still interact and build relationships with engaged, inquisitive leads as well as the ones that may be missed if visitors had to wait to talk to a person.

Your events sales staff will feel more relaxed to engage in discussion with leads with the assurance that anyone waiting can still interact and request more information from a kiosk.

2. Create opportunities for an interactive solution

By having a piece of tangible technology, with your own branding, you will likely stand out from most of the other exhibitors that settle for event supplied data capture.

Interactive kiosks allow you to take your visitors on a journey and offer a great opportunity for experiential marketing with competitions, personalised follow up emails and more.

The more memorable an experience you have at your stand, the more invested leads will feel with your brand.

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Kiosks even offer you the ability to upsell/ cross-sell with other products or packages you may offer. Opening up the doors for higher revenue and ROI from your events next year.

3. Instant customer service

As mentioned earlier kiosks free up your event sales staff by acting as other members of staff your visitors can interact with.

Customer service is a vital factor for ROI for your event. Being able to offer help and advice to your potential leads is crucial and kiosks can reduce waiting times and therefore increase the customer experience.

Much like a shop floor, customers browse in different ways, and offering different types of customers the service they want sometimes requires you to remove social interaction.

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A happy lead is more likely to make an enquiry with your business but will also be more inclined to share their positive experience with others. Word of mouth is the single best marketing your brand can receive, so help facilitate that.

4. Reduction in costs

One of the most important benefits for brands is that kiosk data capture can help reduce your costs and increase your event ROI.

With a kiosk form, you can have multiple touchpoints for visitors to fill out contact forms, receive useful information on your brand or take them on an experiential piece of marketing like a game or competition.

All whilst you have dedicated members of staff you’ve trained very well for very specific situations and questions. So, hiring fewer members of staff with more specialised training can save you a lot of money.

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Source your own data capture

With everything we learnt this year we want to share with you how best to benefit from event marketing.

To help you stand out from the monotonous crowd and get the specific data you want at the right time, we implore you to take the time next year and research data capture options.

Don’t make the mistake of this year in the next. Don’t leave data capture as an afterthought.

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