Eventbrite is one of the most popular event registration solutions in the world. Ideal for those just starting out or only running a few events before you transfer to a dedicated branded system. One reason for the immense popularity of Eventbrite is the integrations that you can plugin to improve the functionality. In this blog, we take a look at 3 of the best Eventbrite integrations to deliver your event KPIs and keep your attendees engaged and happy.

Communication EI

1. Mailchimp: Communication is key

Through Eventbrite, you can utilise email marketing using integrations with big-name marketing platforms like Mailchimp. If you’re not familiar with “the chimp” Mailchimp is a super easy to use email platform, that gives marketers control to send email communications like invites, confirmations and follow-ups.

By using the Mailchimp integration for your event you can:

  • Schedule emails based on triggers i.e. ticket purchasing, opt-in and outs etc.
  • Track ROI generated per send
  • Keep CRM up to date with new and existing attendees in real-time
  • Design eye-catching campaigns
Get The Word Out EI

2. Social Ladder: Get the word out

One of the most reliable forms of marketing has always been word of mouth. Hearing testimonials from a reliable source about a product or service will always be more effective than brand-generated messaging.

So, when looking to promote your event the best integration out there to help you do so is SocialLadder. This app works by automatically identifying relevant influential people and motivates them to play a game where they promote and sell tickets to their friends for your event in exchange for free tickets / elevated experiences.

When publishing your event on Eventbrite you can use this integration to:

  • Issue promo codes and reward attendees that sell tickets to their friends
  • Reward your biggest influencers by offering free tickets
  • Access a growing network of 150,000+ qualified ambassadors worldwide

3. Survey Monkey: Get direct feedback

The best way to ensure your next event is better than your last is to ask the people who went what they thought. Using Survey Monkey you can get the feedback you need to make your next event a success. With SurveyMonkey’s Eventbrite integration you can quickly send surveys to your email lists allowing you to get the opinions of everyone who took part in your event from attendees, participants and even volunteers.

With 15 different survey question types to choose from, create your own customized survey or use a certified template to ensure you ask the right questions and get the most useful responses.


Complete control of your event registration

Typically, Eventbrite users would have to sacrifice control over their registration process in favour of its useful capabilities. This means that without a premium account you were stuck with what Eventbrite would let you do in terms of customising your event registration pages.

However, with Gather’s Event Registration software you are free to create fully branded event registration pages meaning users can manage:

  • Payments
  • Attendee communication
  • Webpage content

All in one place, allowing you to offer your attendees and exhibitors a seamless journey from pre-registration to post-event.

If you're still interested in other ways to better your event strategy then take a look at our event technology and strategy blogs.

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