We took Gather to the Geneva Motor Show, March 9-19, to help two of our key automotive clients to maximise their on-stand data capture. Having had chance to review the results of the activity we can confidently claim it to have been a major success.

We had two clients at the show, each with differing priorities. The first was launching a new, luxury, premium vehicle, the second was using our software for the very first time. For each we were presented with a different set of challenges.

A new client – a premium automotive brand – was using our software for the very first time, and had our team absolutely focused on delivering the performance they needed from the software. In this case it was checking in their VIP guests to their presence at the show.

Using pre-population of data fields, our aim was to make this process as seamless and easy as possible for the stand personnel welcoming the VIPs. The results showed that, using six separate devices concurrently, the stand personnel checked in 1164 VIPs to their stand without a glitch. We have had very positive feedback from the client and discussions are already underway regarding their next project.

The second client had used Gather at previous shows, but on this occasion they were launching a brand new model, shrouded in the expected secrecy. The challenge that faced us was to maintain secrecy, so the devices being used could not be pre-loaded with any information. Devices had updates pushed to them immediately prior to the launch, and in such a way that the stand personnel could understand and use the software straight away. In the final analysis, the show generated 551 sales leads, and the client checked in 2121 VIP guests to their stand to see the new model.

Our managing director, Hugo Spalding described what happened, “The Geneva Motor Show is an important event in the automotive calendar, and anticipation was running very high – Geneva is a great show for launches because it’s in the first quarter of the year. One of our clients had a major announcement to make at the show, whilst the other was using Gather for the first time, and it is in these circumstances where Gather is so capable. Automotive product launches usually require a lot of confidential information to be withheld until the actual launch. We were able to accommodate this, and deliver all of the last minute changes required. We were able to reconfigure the software with new information instantly, and push the update out to brand ambassadors and personnel via their lead capture devices, in real-time.”

The increase in lead capture for the client launching the new product was broken down of the total leads generated, 142 were invitees checking into the stand, 956 were generated through QR codes and manually entered new prospects were 1023. This delivered a 16% improvement on the show in 2016, which was up 72% on the 2015 after the client began to use Gather.

“Data capture is very easy to evaluate, there is no hiding place from the numbers, either the capture solution works or it doesn’t. I’m both delighted and relieved to say that we exceeded the expectations of both of our clients at Geneva.”


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