When a company has many channels through which customer data is passed there is a major problem with combining all these into one useable and integrated system. For instance a company may take down customer data manually over the phone, they may receive it in the post or via email, they may get leads from an exhibition or other event. All these channels will have different requirements for data which may or may not be compatible with each other. This often gives rise to each section or business unit maintaining their own databases in a variety of different formats.

For clients to maximise the use of this valuable resource it is necessary to  centralise all the data  so that information and intelligence about all aspects of a customer or prospect is available in one place. One way to resolve this problem is to use a data gathering system such as Gather. This system facilitates the  collection and validation of customer data notwithstanding the channel it comes from . It can be used by telesales for input  via their desktop terminals as well as exhibition stand attendants using devices such as iPads or laptops.

The question then is to get this data into a form suitable to direct input into the clients CRM system. By using MSP’s turnkey data transfer solution, in conjunction with Gather, the data is formatted and electronically entered into the clients CRM system automatically in real time. So from obtaining the prospects details to being able to follow up, fulfil the request or to generate reports takes just seconds. And there are no errors caused by re inputting data manually.

One recent application of this system was for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd. For their recent events in Pebble Beach and Frankfurt, they used iPads with Gather to acquire the prospect data. These leads were then passed through to their implementation of Salesforce.com where it was integrated into their database.

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