Prof Martin Vernon MA FRCP

“Gather Care looks to be a very useful tool which can be used at various levels to provide alerts to key audiences focused on optimally supporting care homes”

Consultant Geriatrician and Clinical Director Integration

Renovo Care

“Gather Care brings together the care home community to work the greater good of all operators. As an operator we were refreshed by the simplicity of the system and the minimal amount of time it required for data input. In our view, this product is an inexpensive solution that can help avoid the substantial costs from an outbreak at a care home.”

Philip Smith, Group CEO


“Gather Care is a positive solution to a devastating situation. It is an easy to use app which can validate suspected outbreaks, verifies that data within the care home and enables swift action. Gather Care is infection control support tool in the carers hand.”

Anita Rose, Director of Clinical Development

Norton Lees

“Using Gather has provided a great insight into potential outbreaks within the home. The app is easy to use and takes just a few second to input data, this has easily been incorporated into part of our daily routine within the home and the reports received make monitoring trends much faster and easier.”

Lydia Hardie, Manager

Swanborough House

“Our Carers find the Gather Care app easy to use and as a Care Home Manager, I’ve been able to see what’s happening with residents much quicker to stay ahead of infectious outbreaks”

Swanborough House Team

Swanborough House

“Within the Group it will help us to identify any areas that might need a policy review or to put in place actions to prevent further increases of infections.”

Daisy Fernandez, Registered Manager

Riverside House

“The system will allow us to understand more about infections that may arise in our local area, which will then make it easier to protect both our residents and our staff.”

Danielle Carter, Home Manager

Gather Care enables Care Homes to capture and centralise crucial symptom data, providing comparative current, historic and geographic data.

Developed with industry leading care professionals and clinicians to monitor early warning signs, taking data on:

  • Symptom Counts
  • Pyrexia
  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting
  • Chest infections
  • Cold and/or Flu
  • Persistent Cough
  • Suspected UTI
  • Delirium (new-onset)

Key features for Care Professionals:

Use your own device

Compatible with Apple and Android mobile devices. A care professional can enter data easily in less than 30 seconds per day.

Anonymous data

Access your data anytime and compare anonymously against other care homes by county, region and nation.

Traffic light system

Understand your data at a glance with green, amber and red coding for signs of an outbreak spreading.

Own your data

Add data once a day with a simple one-touch input. The more data you collect the more powerful your insights will be.

Secure & compliant

Fully secure and GDPR complaint your data is held safely with no permissions required at source.

Dashboard reporting

Visualise your data with dashboards with drill-down trends over a day, week, month, quarter and year.

With Gather Care, Care Homes can act sooner and take preventative action by:

1. Validating a suspected outbreak

Answer crucial questions Carers need to know in less than 30 seconds per day. Capture instances of vital key symptoms against your daily occupancy to help carers identify outbreaks before they happen.

2. Verifying a suspected outbreak

Dashboard traffic light alerts instantly visualise and highlight concerns in symptom data. Our centralised database allows anonymous comparison to Group, County, Region and National stats.

3. Acting on a suspected outbreak

Instantly visualise your Care Home symptom data from daily to yearly views. Using early warning data to focus on containing an outbreak, track changes in key symptoms to inform preventative care.

Visualise and own your data, see what’s happening in Care Homes

The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasised the need for an ‘early warning’ system for Care Homes. Front-line care professionals need to identify any seasonal colds, flu, viruses and infection outbreaks before they escalate.

While Care Homes are inundated with data collection, that is shared with Public Health England, little or no data is supplied by return. No mechanism exists to share, confidentially, amongst the Care Home industry.

With no access to daily or historic data to help mitigate any outbreak, a vital lack of visibility for individual homes has been created. Until now.

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