CRM and MAP integrations: enrich your customer data

Real-time delivery, look-up and scheduled batch data integrations between your system(s) and Gather®. Enrich your customer data anywhere in the world.

gather data capture crm map integration

Features & Benefits

Smart integrations

We use the native APIs (out of the box and proprietary) of whichever system we need to push into, in order to establish a real time connection.

Intelligent actions

We apply logic & intelligence to each integration we develop for you, such as converting leads, creating opportunities & updating prospects.

Secure data

Gather® is compatible with whatever security encryption your CRM supports so you can be sure that your data is secure.

Check records

Our app can retrieve customer data from your system that can be recalled when you need it.

No more duplicates

Gather® can work with your CRM or MAP system to ensure customer data is enriched rather than duplicated.

Auto refresh

Create a scheduled sync between your system and our online portal. Pull in the data you need at the frequency you need.

Smooth integration. Smart insights.

Gather integrates seamlessly with hundreds of technologies, CRMs, MAPs and software.

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Online, Offline

Work online or offline without a Wi-Fi connection. Once connected to the Internet, your data is immediately synced securely to the Cloud (Gather portal).

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