Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use a mixture of different hardware?

Yes. We can deploy Gather across virtually all operating systems and hardware device types. This means that you are not restricted by what devices your users want to use.

What if I have no internet connection?

Gather is designed to work fully offline. All data is stored securely on the device until an internet connection (3G, 4G, Wi-Fi) is available. Once online, your data automatically uploads to our portal.

How secure is my data?

Gather has data encryption and security applied to the entire data journey from app to cloud. On device, the data is held in an encrypted state. Data is passed to and from our Portal, via a secure encrypted connection over the internet. Once in our Portal the data is held in an encrypted, secure, fully redundant Tier1 hosting facility.

How far can the software be customised?

Gather was initially designed as a fully bespoke application. Our Enterprise software can reflect every detail of your business. Not just your own app store app and corporate identity. We also mean the entire user experience, content and back-end database interaction. There is no limit to what you can change.

How can I access my data?

All of your data and reports are held in the Gather secure online portal. It can be accessed via the app or a web-enabled browser using secure logins. Since Gather uploads data in real-time, you can see your data within moments of capture.

Can we deliver our data directly into my CRM system?

Yes. We integrate with all major CRM and back-office systems. Part of our approach to each new customer is to look at your existing systems and establish where integration can assist. Doing this helps reduce time and cost while improving security and data quality.