Replacing SAP SaaS workflow with live CRM bi-directional data flow in multiple languages


The customer vehicle delivery process, for a luxury automotive manufacturer, required transformation in order to meet the demands of increased sales throughput across a global, multi-lingual, dealership network.

Project name

Replacing an existing SAP SaaS workflow with Gather to provide a fully revised app workflow that enabled on and offline operation, live CRM bi-directional data flow in multiple languages.

The Challenge

With a retail dealership network distributed across the globe, vehicle deliveries in the luxury sector have high customer expectations for an effortless process without compromise. The challenge was to achieve this without compromise to the data itself.

The existing processes and workflow centrally depended on a legacy SAP platform with a SaaS interface for data exchange. This meant that each dealership could only complete the process seated at an online PC, heavily limiting retailer opportunity to provide the effortless experience.

Once Gather had understood the data touchpoints, and the dealership expectations, Gather was able to fully refine the entire process mapping from the legacy SAP platform to Salesforce CRM. The in-app experience consisted of a customised template so that each user, in each dealership, was able to engage the customer anywhere, at any time, using a tablet. With a touchscreen process, the customer could then be part of the data exchange anywhere on-site at the collection or delivery point. To ensure compliance for legal purposes, an embedded signature strip ensured a fully data compliant process for sales, aftersales and legal departments at head office.

The overall workflow re-routed data from the legacy SAP system to the central global CRM platform enabling a faster data flow to anywhere in the world

The Solution

With a defined revised process and workflow, the Gather app was configured with a new custom template that was deployed globally in a single release. To ensure global adoption across over 150 dealerships, the Gather app was multi-lingual enabled to further enhance the customer experience. The transition was seamless and has since been refined further with additional global languages, custom permissions statements by region and content specific to certain countries. The whole process completed in less than 3 months extending the existing Gather app use for global data capture to automation of crucial business processes.

The Results

  • Substantial cost reduction to the client with the elimination of SAP
  • Increase in customer, and dealership, satisfaction with a mobile offline solution
  • Automation of legal compliance with all data re-created in .PDF files for CRM
  • Instant real-time customer data flow to CRM

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