How an engaging, on-brand data capture experience increased Suzuki’s event ROI

The Challenge

Suzuki GB PLC is the UK importer of Suzuki motorcycles and cars. Suzuki attends numerous lifestyle events, shows and exhibitions to gather customer data and raise brand awareness. Previously, Suzuki used a variety of data capture solutions with varying success. Some relied on personal digital assistants and were difficult to use. Others involved manual data capture, which proved costly and slow.

These data capture methods also lacked the functionality to efficiently store data captured locally at events, shows or exhibitions. This meant that head office was unable to access event data for immediate use. It also resulted in manual processes after events to ensure Suzuki could use the data it captured.

The Results

  • 50% Increase in sales leads
  • Appropriate data capture technology attracted Suzuki’s target consumer demographic
  • Increased ROI
  • A higher conversion rate resulted in significantly improved return on investment
  • Event visitors were happy to leave their details because Suzuki’s technology was easy to use

The Journey

Suzuki required a data capture solution that enabled more effective event lead capture. Suzuki therefore came to us for our expertise in customer data capture software and compliance.

Once we fully understood Suzuki’s requirements, we recommended Gather Enterprise as a single-app, bespoke solution. We implemented fully customised branding and modules across a variety of platforms and devices, giving Suzuki complete flexibility.

At the Vitality Show in Earls Court, the company chose to capture customer data on iPad. In this instance, Suzuki felt iPads best suited their target audience and enabled an engaging customer experience.

Suzuki chose the Gather app because it provided:

  • Increased quality and quantity of data capture
  • Accurate data for the dealer network
  • In-device media, including sales presentations, images and model specifications
  • All sales leads transmitted instantly to Suzuki’s CRM system for immediate follow-up in real-time.

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