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Gather can optimise data for improved quality, stronger ROI, saving on resource and ensuring compliance to GDPR and ISO Standards.

Enriching data gives our clients a better insight into their database, allowing for improved data segmentation and targeted, personalised marketing

Our expert administrators optimise data quality

CRM Data Accuracy >90%

With particular strength in data management, we identify how to optimise your data to deliver data accuracy beyond the global benchmark (~73%) – delivering improved marketing campaigns at a lower cost.

ISO and GDPR Standards

Our team delivers all work to ISO standards and conform to GDPR regulations with particular attention to permissions and data usability - ensuring all data meets even the most stringent compliance.

Data Suppression

Finding, removing and correcting duplicate, distorted, corrupt and inaccurate records using a combination of techniques such as data de-duplication, preference setting, data validation and more to sharpen your marketing campaign effectiveness.

Data Consolidation

If you have data across disparate data sources, then Gather can take this arduous task off your plate for you. Making your data future proof and better fit for purpose with your marketing and sales campaigns.

Data Formatting & Standardisation

If your data is in different formats, styles and is constructed differently throughout your files then Gather can help standardise it into a uniform format for ease of processing and management.

Data De-Duplication

We can help you eradicate data that is repeated throughout your data file. This process can boost your marketing campaign metrics due to the higher quality of data.

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Seamless integrations with 100s of technologies

Real-time delivery, look-up and scheduled batch data integrations between your systems and Gather. From capture to analysis your customer data is enriched with integrations.

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