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“Gather has transformed the way we capture customer data and have been very supportive partners.”

Simon Hall, Retail Experience Manager

Trusted By Leading Global Brands

  • Shell
  • Ronseal
  • Rolls-royce
  • BT
  • Bentley
  • Hitachi
  • Audi 2021
  • INTO
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  • Tesa

Why Gather?

No delays

Our data capture app uses OCR technology to capture instantly scan in business card data.

Go to your customers

Without dependency on WIFI you can focus on the best strategy to connect to your customer rather than to work around technology.

Use your own device

Our data capture app with offline functionality works on Apple and Android mobile devices.

99% Accuracy

In-built data validation works offline and ensures the highest levels of accuracy possible, when customers are inputting key data like email address, home address and telephone number.

Boost ROI

Get better results by never missing out on a lead for the sake of WIFI connection.

Sync On-Demand

Set your schedule to refresh data as often as you need it. Collect data offline and sync up to your CRM when you connect to WIFI.

Request your free trial and see how we can help save time and drive ROI for your brand.

BCS Pardot

Hear from Boundless

Bespoke features, provided security of data at all times, and integrated securely with our CRM system
Rob Eagles, Events Manager
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Seamless integrations with 100s of technologies

Real-time delivery, look-up and scheduled batch data integrations between your systems and Gather. From capture to analysis your customer data is enriched with integrations.

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