Data capture to improve process and compliance for a construction company’s work force


Gather worked with a construction company to design and build a data capture form to collect critical workforce information that’s needed for employment on construction sites.

Improving day-to-day processes and administration, saving the company time and ensuring that they’re compliant.

Project name

Replacing on-site paper registration forms with a sophisticated digital solution for a London based construction company

The Challenge

This client was using pen and paper to log the required information for operatives working across their construction sites. There are many challenges and risks when using paper data capture forms, which include the following:

– Illegible writing and high risk for errors

– No validation on the data, specifically email addresses or telephone numbers

– Safety around storage of the paper forms

– Physical space needed to store the paper forms

There is a lot of personal data on these forms, including a medical questionnaire, details of their emergency contact and a risk assessment for non-English speaking sub-contractors and these forms could be referenced for legal matters and key for their health and safety cooperation, so it’s crucial that this data is stored securely and access to it is limited across the business.

The Solution

Gather worked closely to review their paper data capture process, and once we understood the requirements, our tech team worked together to design a streamlined digital solution that included the following:

– Email validation

– Telephone validation

– Digital signature

– CRM Pull function

– Offline data capture

They have multiple changing sites that need access to the data capture form, so the client would need to invest in 10 tablet devices to distribute amongst their site managers, so Gather helped advise on the most suitable products, as they needed to be robust for construction sites.

The Results

  • Secure and accurate data collection and storage
  • Real-time reporting: Location of workers / Number of workers per site
  • CRM lookup functionality means that time can be saved by pulling personal data onto the forms from their database for workers working across multiple sites

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