One of the leading global energy and petrochemical companies needed to streamline the data collection, analysis and reporting across their global Environmental Products trading division.

Project name

Replacing an existing Excel-focussed Trading Instruction workflow with Gather to provide a fully SaaS online Trading Instruction platform that simplified and streamlined the data collection, analysis and reporting process.

The Challenge

As a leading global energy and petrochemical company, operations are global. Ensuring the accurate and timely relay of trading data between regional installations and the administrative head office was the core challenge.

The existing processes and workflow were dependent upon multiple Excel data file input, sharing, consolidation, and reporting that required a disproportionate amount of time to complete monthly.

Gather needed to understand the existing process to the last detail. While Excel was the main tool, understanding how it was used on a rolling monthly basis for standard transactions and variable transactions was of paramount importance. Gather pinpointed the regular transactions and mapped to the subsequent validation, amends and consolidation process to create reports for different stakeholders and a single consolidated trading statement for traders.

Gather defined a continuous workflow to accommodate the needs of all regions, users and stakeholders which formed the basis of the configuration of the Gather platform.

The Solution

The primary entry point of data was via the regional installations, so our process had to start here to allow for simple input of key data within a strict ‘open window’ for processing to meet compliance per month. This ensure speed at source with security for Head Office. From this point all of the data flows, milestones, reports, processing points and extracts were defined into a clear specification.

With a defined monthly process and workflow, the Gather platform was configured and released in three stages in parallel with the existing processes.

The first phase formed the main engine of the platform for the administration of trades by regional installations and the subsequent production of data for trading.

Each release was initially provided in a safe test environment for use before handling live data. This ensured a safe, gradual transition to a new platform enabling each user in each location the opportunity to gradually adopt a new method of working while eliminating risk to the business in mismanaged data.

The whole process completed in 4 months with no errors in the live platform proving a seamless transition. The platform retains trading data enabling historic referencing.

Shell Process Before Resize
Shell Process After Resize

The Results

  • Gathers solution delivered all of the clients objectives, namely:
    • Removal of all middle managers / different human touch points in between
    • Automate most of the process to eliminate most middle manager time (and reduce costs)
    • Increase transparency for all stakeholders
    • Eliminate errors and facilitate easy record keeping