Improved customer feedback processes lead to excellent customer service

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The Challenge

United Business Media (UBM) is one of the largest events, data and media businesses in the world. It organises more than 300 market-leading B2B events every year.

As part of its Sales Excellence programme, UBM wanted to understand customer perceptions before and during project delivery. It decided to survey approximately 1,400 clients to capture these perceptions.

The Results



UBM were able to adapt its products and services to meet specific customer needs which resulted in increase in customer spend.


Total marketing

UBM were able to use this opportunity to capture future marketing permissions in order to keep the conversation going.

Customer satisfaction

Response data continues to show how customer opinions have improved over time. 

The Journey

Gather UBM customer satisfaction data capture

UBM previously used in-house systems for customer research. This time however, UBM wanted to improve the quality of both its research data and its client communications. It came to Gather for our expertise in customer data capture software and compliance.

Once we fully understood UBM’s requirements, we recommended Gather Enterprise to provide a bespoke, comprehensive solution. We implemented bespoke branding and modules across a variety of platforms and devices, including smartphones, tablets and desktops.


UBM chose our data capture app because:

  • Gather was able to integrate with UBM’s multi-channel environment, including its telephony system
  • It provide detailed real-time reports and feedback
  • The app was easy for clients to use

The Sales Excellence programme continues and UBM conducts research at regular intervals.

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