How a global business got back to basics by listening to its customers.



Revenue Growth

Increase of revenues by up to 20% via improvement of products and services to better meet the needs of the customer.

Customer Satisfaction

Detailed customer insight delivering better relationships and improvements in service delivery.


United Business Media is one of the largest media, publishing and event businesses in the world. A Sales Excellence programme was set up as a result of a Board initiative and as part of this programme it was decided to capture the views of approximately 1,400 clients across a variety of business units. A customer perception survey was agreed with the purpose of understanding what clients thought about their interaction with UBM Built Environment prior to and during project delivery.

Previously when research needed to be carried out, UBM Built Environment used simple in house systems to obtain information. However for the Sales Excellence programme it was decided that the quality of research data needed to be improved and that better communications with their clients was required.


The company chose to run a customer survey programme using Gather. There were many reasons why Gather was suited to this application including the fact that it was easy to use for clients, with results made available in real-time (no secondary data processing issues or errors) and its integration into a multi-channel project including telephone contact. Gather was easily configured to suit UBMs requirements and branding was implemented on a variety of different platforms including smartphones, tablets and desktops.


A much deeper insight into UBMs customers and their perceptions of the business were gained from the real time reports and feedback generated. Additional benefits included the consolidation of data across different business units and a substantial improvement in the quality of data. This helped with improving customer interaction with the business.


Gather allowed the improvement of UBMs products and services to specific customer needs, ultimately improving revenues by up to 20%. The Sales Excellence programme is now on-going and further research will be conducted at regular intervals. The response data continues to show how customer opinions have improved over time, and will allow managers of the various business units to understand their clients better, build better relationships and improve service delivery.