How an engaging on-brand data capture experience increased Suzuki's event RoI.



Increase in RoI

In excess of 50% increase in sales leads captured.

Improved customer service

Immediate improvement in customer follow up post event.

Enhanced customer interaction.

Involving and engaging user interface attracted the target customer profile.

Targeted post-event response

Depth of information captured supported post-event follow up by retail network.

Before Gather

Suzuki GB PLC is the UK importer of Suzuki motorcycles and cars. As part of their promotional efforts in the UK they attend a large number of lifestyle events, shows and exhibitions. Previously Suzuki had used a variety of solutions with varying success.  Some were PDA based, and not easy to use, with others being manual data capture, that was proving costly and slow.  Such solutions had the additional problem of storing the data captured locally, preventing immediate use by head office and creating another manual process to make the data useable after the event.

After Gather

In order to achieve the results they require, Suzuki chose Gather as our software can be implemented on a variety of platforms. Suzuki chose the iPad as the platform for capturing data at the Vitality Show at Earls Court, as they felt that there was a better customer experience using this form of technology and that it better suited to their target audience. In addition, a real time link enabled all leads from Gather to be passed back instantly into the Suzuki CRM system. This allowed immediate follow up by dealers.


Implementation of Gather on iPads allowed the user interface to include media for sales presentations, images of vehicles and model specification details to be built in. This significantly improved the customer interaction and increased not only the quality of data captured but also the quantity. Comments were made by visitors to the show that they were happy to leave their details with the Suzuki personnel because of the ease of use of the technology. By including integrated address look-up and data validation, Gather was able to provide accurate data in real-time which was followed up by the dealer network, ultimately achieving better than expected sales.


In addition to attracting the right consumer demographic, enabling a more targeted response, the company reported in excess of 50% increase in sales leads captured, improved conversion rate resulting in significantly improved ROI.