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Event Manager

The Challenge

QRS is a registration services business that supports event organisers in the UK and globally. The company began offering registration at events in 1996, using electronic barcode scanners. In 2014 it invested in smart technology to future-proof the business.

QRS is wide-ranging in its scope. It serves events in sectors from construction to media, IT and beyond.

They wanted to capture barcodes on a smart device in a secure and accurate way.

The Results


Total global

QRS has used Gather Event Manager at over 400 events in the UK and overseas.



Affiliate model available, QRS sold Gather Event Manager to its exhibitors.

Compliant data capture

Gather’s app delivered positive opt-in as standard.

The Journey


Gather Event Manager provided a single app solution. Event registration data could be uploaded to the Gather Portal at any time. This provided exhibitors with pre-event and walk-in data in real time.

As well as event registration, exhibitors could scan visitor lanyards. This gave them access to online visitor data on their device and offline data storage, in the event of no Wi-Fi connection.

The app works without Wi-Fi, which is essential in locations where Internet access is not readily available. Each lead also enabled positive opt-ins and, therefore, GDPR compliance.

“Gather provides easy-to-use software that we’ve rolled out successfully at numerous events.” (Fiona Jefferies, Director, QRS).

“The team at Gather are always helpful. We know that we can rely on the app to provide the service we need.”



The app was branded to QRS’ business logo and colour scheme, and then sold on to exhibitors. A key benefit for QRS was that exhibitors could use their own devices – tablets or smartphones. As a result, there was no need to supply equipment such as scanners. This is useful for UK events and a helpful feature overseas, because there is less equipment to transport.


The Gather app is intuitive and user-friendly. It also enables QRS to generate additional revenue by offering the solution as a pay-as-you-go package to its clients. Other helpful features include:

  • Analytics and reporting for each event
  • Exhibitors use their own devices
  • Contact information is available in real time with a Wi-Fi connection

Gather Event Manager is a modern, feature-rich solution for event lead capture.

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Gather has allowed us to improve our event sales process and improve the quality of our lead conversion.
Huge shout-out to Chris and his team for their immense support/dedication to provide us with a lead capture app that meets our high expectations; we look forward to presenting more technical challenges to them with our list of insane feature requests.