Accurate data that was validated at source.


Lloyds Bank


Enabled lead generate targets to be achieved in a busy environment.


Detailed insight collected by engaging customers in a personal conversation.


A lot of business & networking that Black Horse do takes place at exhibitions like The Boat and Caravan Show at The NEC. These exhibitions gives Black Horse the opportunity to speak to customers who either own or are interested in purchasing a caravan or motorhome, and canvass them for their opinions on a variety of subjects including their purchasing reasons and finance options. In the past, their staff would have captured information using a paper based system. This not only relied on the staff member to record all data accurately and fully, but it also suffered from the problem of subsequent usability.


Black Horse chose Gather for its ability to improve research quality and quantity. They wanted to trial a new way of capturing customer views using technology which allowed a more interactive engagement with customers.

Gather was adapted to suit Black Horse requirements to survey visitors on the ground at the show and to access this research in real time. Black Horse chose the iPad version of the software, as recommended by Gather, for its ease of use. This helped improve engagement with the customer as the representative could capture other details required at the same time as capturing the customer’s data.


Black Horse was able to deploy Gather at The Boat and Caravan Show and because of the real time data capture the product afforded quicker assessment of the research results.  Reports could be fed to the Black Horse research team quickly and reliably to allow them to maximise the insight captured.  For Black Horse an intelligent, dynamic form was developed which changed the questions displayed to the customer dependent on answers entered.  This meant that a much more detailed form could be provided but only relevant parts presented to the customer during the decision-making process making the whole engagement more accurate and pleasurable.


Black Horse met their data capture targets for the show and in addition, obtained consistent, accurate data that was validated at source. They felt that the use of Gather improved the customers perception of the company and helped their brand image.