Enhanced lead conversion ensures a sound return on investment

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The Challenge

Bentley Motors Ltd is a British manufacturer of some of the world’s most luxurious automotive vehicles.

With a retail network spanning the globe, Bentley sought a solution that would ensure accuracy of information collected as well as a consistent on-brand experience for customers whether at a private event, major motor show or in-dealership.

The Results


Increase in leads captured

Dynamic research questions led to an increase in qualified leads.

in ROI

Detailed statistical analysis of each event gave a clear view on return on investment.


Total sales

High-quality lead generation enabled a global sales increase.

The Journey


Once we were confident we understood Bentley’s requirements, we recommended Gather Enterprise as a single-app, bespoke solution.

We implemented fully customised branding and modules across a variety of platforms and devices. This enabled Bentley to incorporate consistent, on-brand brochures and other marketing material to improve lead generation.

Bentley Motors use Gather's data capture app

Bentley chose Gather’s data capture app because:

  • It communicated directly with Bentley’s CRM system
  • Its guest list feature enabled instant customer identification
  • It helped Bentley to present relevant information to customers anywhere in the world

Qualified leads synchronised immediately with Bentley’s CRM system, enabling the marketing team to follow up instantly.

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Huge shout-out to Chris and his team for their immense support/dedication to provide us with a lead capture app that meets our high expectations; we look forward to presenting more technical challenges to them with our list of insane feature requests.
Live data lookup was extremely important for customer identification and for presenting relevant information that would support customer.