Smart data capture apps.
Designed to fit your business.

Built to collect customer intelligence.

Data capture is just the start.

On-brand Customer Experience

Custom build and brand your forms

Effective data capture begins with well designed forms.

Gather provides you with tools that enable you to design, brand and deploy your data capture solution fully customised to your business or campaign needs.

Gather is simple and easy to use with unlimited choices of form design, and it is suitable for all mobile devices and operating systems.


Features that work fully offline

Gather is designed to work online and offline with no loss of functionality or data, enabling it to be used at any live event, indoors or outdoors, wherever your customer may be.

Gather supports your field marketing teams and sales personnel through uninterrupted data capture operations. It automatically uploads the data to the cloud when a connection becomes available ensuring no loss of data at any time.

Secured by end to end encryption Gather is effective and secure.


Features for any customer conversation

Information can be captured, scanned, photographed, drawn, transcribed, looked-up, searched – all at the touch of a button.

The features within Gather are designed to aid the data capture process in any kind of environment or customer interaction.

Gather supports business card scanning (OCR) through to live customer look-up, allowing you to enrich data from multiple sources and making sure that you never miss vital data, irrespective of source.


Built for CRM integration

Gather integrates with any CRM system, submitting and retrieving data at the touch of a button.

Integration enhances customer interaction by ensuring your team only collects data that is absolutely necessary.

Data capture through Gather is fully secure from device to cloud, with the data being collected and delivered direct to your CRM.

Compatible with all major CRM systems such as Salesforce, Sage, SAP, Oracle and Marketo - even bespoke CRM systems.

Gather at a glance

User features for any kind of data collection, anywhere at any time..

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    Number of forms

    Create customised forms optimised to your task, location, user and customer interaction.

    Enable features, per form, to enhance the experience and further improve results.

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    User Levels

    Enable single users to global teams, creating any number of user levels to manage your staff.

    Assign forms, features and content to users at any time, instantly.

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    Create Events

    From a single event to a campaign of events, assigning data to measure RoI couldn’t be easier.

    Run any combination of events and campaigns concurrently or independently.

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    Ensure a seamless brand experience for your customers by applying your branding.

    Colours, logos, fonts and images - reflect your branding even down to your own app store app.

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    Photo Capture

    Use your device camera to capture high-resolution images accessible on device, or online, at any time.

    Documents, drawings, notes or social media moments, image capture is an invaluable feature.

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    Apply any language to translate the entire application into the language of your customer.

    Reflect your customers preferred language instantly, at the touch of a button.

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    Business Card Scan (OCR)

    Automatically transcribe any business card into your capture form at the touch of a button: even offline.

    Quickly and accurately capture business card information without any need to enter manual data.

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    Guests Lists

    Upload your customer data into the app so that you can ‘check-in’ arrivals offline as well as online.

    Ideal for busy, high footfall environments, where speed, accuracy and a personalised approach count.

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    • enterprise

    Live Incentives

    Automatically generate and distribute incentives to your customers - live.

    Generating incentives, via AirPlay printing or email, encourages interaction and engagement.

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    • enterprise


    Gather integrates with all major CRM and marketing platforms for instant, secure access, to your data.

    Our integrations can ‘Push’ data directly into your system as well as ‘Pull’ data into the app.

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    Bespoke App

    We can create the perfect solution for you and wrap into your own app store presence.

    An ideal feature for brand recognition, value-added benefit for your users and instant app-store recognition.

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    .PDF Creator

    Sometimes raw data isn’t enough, physical evidence is required, such as indemnities.

    This feature will make a complete .PDF copy of your capture form to include signatures, images and content.

Endless possibilities

Gather make customer interaction effortless, wherever you are.

Gather scales to any business.

Developed with individuals, teams and organisations in mind.


Enterprise-level features, in an entry-level, pay-as-you-go package.

Ideal for small teams and businesses in any kind of live environment.


Enhanced features, across multiple customisable forms, for any type of data.

Ideal for larger teams, multiple departments, and brand activations.


Advanced, fully customisable features, forms and apps for infinite scale and complexity.

Ideal for global teams, multi-brand businesses and bespoke customer interactions.

Hannah Jones

First Class Support

Hi, my name is Hannah. I'm a Client Services Analyst at Gather. I compile customer data reports and analyse data for target driven campaigns. For support message us or call +44 (0)1273 712830 and we’ll be happy to assist.